Rooms begin with better lighting

No beautiful room can come alive without great lighting, so let’s talk about it!  Lighting can be used in many different ways throughout a house or business, but let’s make sure you know the three different types of lighting: task, ambient and accent.

  • Task lighting is lighting that makes your work easier and is necessary so that we can read, knit, play a piano, or whatever we may want to do when other types of lighting just don’t do the job. Floor lamps and table lamps are great examples.  A down light placed in a chandelier is another example, and lighting directly over a mirror in a bathroom is another.
  • Ambient lighting evens out a room and brings up the level of general lighting.   Ambient lighting comes in many different forms, including outdoor lighting for certain spots such as the patio, the lighting placed in our exterior overhangs so that we can shed the black holes of our windows at night, or the chandelier that hangs over our dining tables.
  • Accent lighting examples could include lighting for an antique print or sculpture,  rope lighting placed beneath a kitchen island, or lighting beneath a bathroom cabinet.

And then, we have direct lighting, and indirect lighting–lighting that directly hits the object, or lighting that works without making the impact of light directly hitting an object.  Grandma’s floor lamp is direct lighting; fluorescent lighting placed behind a baffle in a 50’s living room provides indirect lighting.

And then, we have hard wiring, and surface wiring.  Hard wiring is lighting that is tied directly into the fixture, and is usually  controlled by a wall switch.  Surface wiring is anything that is plugged into a receptacle.

O.K.  You have it.  No questions, right?  Don’t worry if you are totally confused.  A good designer can spend years perfecting a good understanding of the ins and outs of lighting, and you may not even want to know any more than what you know already.  The whole point is to be able to use your space at its best–and good lighting really helps.

Call me for more info–I’m a lighting geek !


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