Update and Remodel, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Photos show the recently updated living room for a “Southern Living” home in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Major renovations occurred throughout the house after the family purchased the home.  But the living room remained an untouched challenge.  The space had limited natural light–a deep porch ranthe entire length of the room’s only natural light.  The room was dark and uninviting.  The designer presented the idea of adding a beautiful handmade area rug, and then building the color scheme for the room around that.

Gorgeous Pearson and William Switzer furniture, and exquisite Jim Thompson and Kravet fabrics transformed the original space into a welcoming and usable living space.  The addition of unique accessories, pillows, and Mississippi art aided in the tranformation.  Antiques include an historic Chinese 1870’s altar table, southern antiques, and a specially built room-anchoring coffee table.