New Lighting, St. James Lutheran Church, Portland, Oregon


St. James Lutheran Church faced a unique problem in that the almost 120-year-old sanctuary was vastly in need of new lighting.    Old knob and tube lighting serviced the sanctuary, and there were no options for lighting the beautiful religious art created by LeRoy Setziol.  The pieces remained in shadow for years until Shirley Roggen and her lighting team offered a plan.  Roggen has vast experience in interior lighting, and works closely with people in the field to produce exceptional results.

When the Setziol pieces were addressed, the choir loft also received attention.  Although the brand of the lighting directly over the choir loft is the same as the lighting over Setziol’s pieces, a completely different lighting system was installed for the choir.  Both lighting runs provide much needed lighting, are beautiful and contemporary, and yet remain unobtrusive in the beautiful historic interior.