Historic Condo, Portland, Oregon


The Embassy Condominiums in The Alphabet District are an integral part of the National Register of Historic Places designation for Portland, Oregon.  Originally apartments, the run down building was sold to a developer, refurbished, and then sold as condominiums.

Each unit received individual attention from the developer who sought to maintain much of the building’s original charm and appeal.  Unit 105 received an updated kitchen,  no changes to the original bath or marginally effective walk-in closet  space. The  combined living/dining room, and an over-sized bedroom, along with the other spaces, were painted a boring “Navajo white”.  The beautiful floors had been restored throughout, and each space received new windows.  The owner wished to retain as much of the historic feeling of the space as possible.  The building oozed charm and history.

However, after purchasing the 750 square foot condo, the owners did choose to redesign and rebuild the dysfunctional closet into  a huge walk-in closet with improved storage, and add new accent paint colors in the living room and kitchen.   The outdated bathroom also went through a modest overhaul with new paint, and sink and bathtub resurfacing.

Antique furnishings, found objects, art, and antique rugs collected over the years became the focal point of the entire space.  Because of the number of gray days in Portland, the owners chose bright, saturated colors that were found in their collection of Oriental rugs.  Beautiful Scalamandre and F. Schumacher fabrics played an integral role in the development of the color scheme as well.  In addition, two small dining chairs were upholstered in a one-of-a-kind  red silk from Viet Nam.