Country Bedrooms: Master Bedroom and Loft, Residence in Southeast Kansas

A  beautiful piece of empty land located in southeast Kansas provides the backdrop for a client’s new home.  The owners are from Portland, Oregon and recently purchased a family farm in Kansas that they wished to use as a wildlife sanctuary. The property sits among other nearby farms on ancient Osage Indian campgrounds.  Indian encampments near freshwater springs and buffalo herds existed for eons on the lands before white settlers appeared in the late 19th century.

The clients wanted to build a home that would reflect the surrounding community’s style, as well as withstand the numerous windstorms and tornadoes that blow through the area each year.  Currently, the active couple uses the home for welcome Midwest getaways close to friends and family.  In the future, the home will become headquarters for an international nature conservancy group.

The master bedroom offers the same sweeping views that the loft guest room/study offers visitors.  The master also leads to the full-length deck and enclosed porch that faces south to the fish-stocked pond.  Both master and guest bedroom are dominated by charming beds and bedding and more of the same antiques, art, and found objects throughout the house.   Note the Pendleton blankets at the foot of the master and covering the guest bed in the loft.  Additional Pendleton blankets hang over the loft balcony railing.

Client Testimonial

Shirley was asked to develop the character of a barn house interior resembling Timberline Lodge and Woolaroc Lodge in Oklahoma for 80 acres deeded from the Osage Land Trust. Paint colors were very carefully selected, and predominantly Benjamin Moore, my favorite paint brand, and change with light in the barnhouse. It was a very difficult project due to its remoteness and worker issues, but Shirley somehow pulled it together to perfection.
– Connie T