Products Are Always Changing–Check Out a New Brick Product

I just opened my mail this afternoon, and discovered a new brochure from a major source for bricks and exterior wall surfaces.  I had intended to toss it in with the rest of the recyclables–after all, I live in Portland, Oregon, and EVERYTHING is recyclable.  Well, maybe not the kids and grand kids.

And because I have lived through countless remodels with Roman brick some place in the house, I could NEVER imagine a Roman brick that I could love.  Well, I found it.  There is a new Roman brick that is designed to be used as a facing material only–think of remodeled fireplaces, brick backdrop walls for specialty stores, and cost-lowering exterior cladding.

Toward the end of the catalog, something caught else my eye, and I read further.  The manufacturer is now producing a line of slim line brick tiles that work wonderfully as a kitchen back splash.  For example, the titanium-finished product is  beautiful against black absolute granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

Give me a call if you think you may be interested in using a great new product in a home or business remodel.

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