Enjoy Your Houseplants

I am facing a major decision to give my collection of house plants a chance to thrive.  I am giving some of them away.  After years and years of nursing houseplants and hovering over them as they sought to thrive, some of them will be moving on.  Our daughter has just purchased a new home with the most fantastic south natural light you could ever imagine.  Non-obstructed, glorious sunlight filters through her living room and dining room windows for 18 hours a day in the summer.  Even in the middle of December, if we have a sun-filtered day, her living spaces are going to reek with golden light.

After I moved from my east-facing office two years ago, my plants have struggled to survive in the puny, limited lighting that my new space has to offer.  There is nothing worse in a designer’s life than to walk into a room where the plants are stacked  in the corners, and maintain a daily fight for survival.  Right now, I am living the nightmare.  Yes, the cornstalk dracena, fiddle leaf fig, Christmas cactus, and everything else that moved from one space to another  may be blissfully relocated soon.  I am talking about the plants–they will know the difference.

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