Home Design Concepts and Elements

Homeowners want their homes to reflect their lifestyle and personal tastes–a place to share pleasant times with their family and friends.  They must be proud of their dwelling, and eager to utilize the space.   From a design standpoint, a home must be a cohesive, realistic whole that delights and surprises the senses, and meets or exceeds clients’ expectations.  All design elements must connect to captivate the homeowner, and involve them in the decision-making process.   Residential design, both inside and out must provide indelible impressions.  The design must be concise and compelling–never cluttered with detail, or confusing.  Design consistency—the ahh factor—must be the primary criteria as designers, architects, contractors  and owners work as a team toward the beautiful integration of architectural detail, finishes, furnishings, color, graphics, and landscaping, all in an  appropriate setting.  Attention must be given to the use of green products as well as beautiful, honest natural materials whenever possible.

Home Exterior

A pristine, natural setting provides a perfect residential background, and would invite both family and guests to step inside the great outdoors.  A distinctive exterior architectural style and design elements structures must be dramatic, yet simple.  They provide the cornerstones of a place within a place.  Attention to the placement of the home is paramount to be able to enjoy any views, and benefit from natural light in the home’s interior.

The garden and front entry should reflect both the rich history of its owner’s use of outdoors space, and could incorporate touches of a European approach to gardening, as well.

For a home we did in Japan, we used plum trees to tie together the Japanese and European cultures in the home exterior surroundings.

Great attention should be paid to the home’s exterior.  The use of all exterior materials should be carefully coordinated and should reflect the owner’s desired lifestyle and tastes.  

Example home exterior: European country dwelling with old world charm: Natural materials could include, for example, flagstone, warm beige terracotta tile, or French quarry tile on the sidewalks and driveways. Additionally, special attention should be paid to all exterior details, and careful selection of window and door styles will enhance the exterior of any home. For example, the roof could be of stone, and could include accent stone at all peaks. Wrought iron could be included as accents on gates and perhaps on balconies. Additional special attention should be paid to all exterior mouldings, and careful selection of window and door styles will enhance the exterior feeling of old world charm. Such minute details as tile on stair risers and exposed downspouts would add much to the home’s exterior European feel.
Home Interior

Our goal for the interior spaces would be to create a home that immerses and captivates everyone who uses the space.  Our anticipated homeowner is sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and well traveled.  He expects quality and comfort. This must not be an every day, ordinary place.

Interior elements define a sense of place and set the stage for the most memorable homeowner experiences.  Our approach for the interior design would be to complement and enhance the interior architectural details and ornamentation with quality, appropriate materials.  The interior details should also be a continuation of materials used on the exterior of the home in appropriate ways.  

Example interior materials: French tile and stone, wood, inlaid and parquet floors. handcrafted iron, leather, beautiful, carefully chosen fabrics, large area rugs to complement the flooring materials, faux finishes on walls, minimum use of wallpapers, and natural plants. Their presence would convey the essence of exotic richness and craftsmanship, in an eclectic mix of fashion. The colors and mood would be subtle, elegant, and totally inviting.

The kitchen would contain the most up-to-date appliances with a floor plan that allows all cooks to move with ease throughout the kitchen.  Special attention would be paid to an integration of contemporary cabinetry with old world details through the use of accent tile, a dramatic range hood, and a carefully chosen color palette.

Bathrooms would contain the most up-to-date fixtures.  The use of beautiful ceramic or limestone tiles would be integrated with oversize bathtubs, handsome sinks, and elegant and functional bath hardware.   Bathrooms would become retreats for the homeowner, his family, and all guests.

Each room should be beautifully appointed and richly detailed.  There must be connectivity between all rooms—a thread of a common theme that unifies the entire home.  Each room should lead you into another without a jolt of change.

Textiles and Furnishings
Example textiles: Special attention to detail could include the use of European textiles and furnishings. Brand name textiles could include Brunschwig et Fils, Scalamandre, Nobilis, Pierre Frey, Gaston Y Daniella, Old World Weavers, and Stark. The utilization of European textiles will enhance the complex, rich and sophisticated interior hard surfaces.

Our selection of furnishings would be simple but stately, designed to provide the ideal background for family living as well as any type of entertaining.  In addition to aesthetic considerations, all selections would be based on durability, easy maintenance, longevity of style, and budgetary profile.

A Totally Integrated and Outstanding Home

Our knowledge and experience with residential interiors provides the basis for a truly outstanding home  that will immerse the homeowner and his family in their surroundings. Our shared vision and close teamwork with an  architectural team for a  project would establish the framework for developing and achieving the goal of a totally integrated and outstanding home.

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