Color 101

Without a doubt, the colors you select for any given space in a home, office or retail space are the most important features of that space.  Color outweighs pattern, texture, furniture selection, style or anything else.  But colors do go in and out of fashion.  I once walked into the home of a longtime friend’s mother and thought I had checked in to the 60’s Hotel.  Olive green, harvest gold and rust were proudly on display in every room of her house.  It was eerie to say the least–to see those colors still serve as a viable part of someone’s living space after a 30-year passage of time.

Rather than be a tribute to one point in time, our use of color should evolve as we and our furnishings age.  If you haven’t checked the online sites for Pantone’s Color Trends for 2015, check out Elle Decor’s website.  Colors such as Champagne, Macadamia and Pastel Parchment offer a reprieve from the other selections of  hot pinks, vivid purples and saturated blues and teals.  The trend leaders seem to be colors that one could wear for make-up–soft peaches and pinks right off the Lancome counter.  Don’t like them?  There is something for everyone–except those olives, golds and rusts.  And yellow.  It’s not on the in list either.

Pantone predicts color trends for years out.  It’s why you may be able to buy a bright red washer and dryer set one year and then have them disappear for years on end.  Pantone ‘s colors are used in the fashion and  automobile industries, fabric houses, paint manufacturers, home furnishings, and just about every other business that sells products for the home.  Color trends sell products, and provide opportunities for all of us to update and change.

You don’t have to do a complete makeover to make a color impact.  Walls are an incredibly reasonable place to start with an update.  Two gallons of high-quality paint will cover most rooms;  you will need to buy good rollers and paint brushes, and if you visit a local paint store rather than the big boxes, you will be amazed at the amount of knowledge most of the salespeople have regarding their offerings.  Many times, they will able to suggest using different levels of gloss, or can recommend one brand over another for certain applications.

Want to know even more?  I offer a complete room by room paint selection service that includes  consultation time and a set of written specifications.  Give me a call.


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