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Color 101

Without a doubt, the colors you select for any given space in a home, office or retail space are the most important features of that space.  Color outweighs pattern, texture, furniture selection, style or anything else.  But colors do go in and out of fashion.  I once walked into the home of a longtime friend’s mother and […]

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Enjoy Your Houseplants

I am facing a major decision to give my collection of house plants a chance to thrive.  I am giving some of them away.  After years and years of nursing houseplants and hovering over them as they sought to thrive, some of them will be moving on.  Our daughter has just purchased a new home […]

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Products Are Always Changing–Check Out a New Brick Product

I just opened my mail this afternoon, and discovered a new brochure from a major source for bricks and exterior wall surfaces.  I had intended to toss it in with the rest of the recyclables–after all, I live in Portland, Oregon, and EVERYTHING is recyclable.  Well, maybe not the kids and grand kids. And because […]

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Rooms begin with better lighting

No beautiful room can come alive without great lighting, so let’s talk about it!  Lighting can be used in many different ways throughout a house or business, but let’s make sure you know the three different types of lighting: task, ambient and accent. Task lighting is lighting that makes your work easier and is necessary […]

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